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M1Flix one of the best Plex Media Libraries online.

M1Flix Movie Libraries has over 2000+ Movies has 100+ Comedy's has 200+ New Movies Movies are updated frequently

M1FLIX is a Private Hybrid Cloud-Based SMB/CIFS Media Server and a High Powered Plex Media Server,
Our Libraries contain a 2000+ Media Library of Movies including Movie Trailers and over 600+ Mix-Tape Music Albums.
Combined our media services to create a large streaming media library for easy access to our Plex Media Server libraries for instant playback.

All of our high-powered servers/services are Encrypted!

M1Flix Libraries servers are online 24/7 add new movies and tv shows frequently are online 7 Days a Week are online 365 Day's a Year servers have a 99.9% Uptime server have minimal downtime

Stream movies and TV shows across all your favorite devices using plex!
M1Flix Popcornbox is a donation required service combined with a free Plex.TV account.
Movies and TV show libraries showcase some of the biggest stars in the world.